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Dec. 30th, 2009

I think it's time for a reprisal

So when LJ no longer has me perpetually signed in, I think it's a sign that I've neglected this account long enough.

Having only one friend on here (Nadia, not sure if you're gonna read this), this journal really hasn't been the social networking tool nor have I ever really intended it to be. I go on here to check out the yorku and toronto communities. But I suppose while I have it, might as well get some stuff down:

- Gearing up for term two. I think I'm going to have to spend tomorrow actually doing some work for it. Spent most of the day learning Incubus songs, feel quite accomplished.

- Talking to this chick on okcupid. Hasn't replied to my last message of inviting her for a bite and a drink and delayed replies are unlike her. I'm thinking I scared her off? Finding a girl is getting increasingly frustrating man.

- The prospects of post-undergrad life is looming. I gotta figure out a plan soon.

- New Year's is looking like a night home again, bah.

Oct. 12th, 2009

Hmm, THIS is why I don't work mornings

It's 6 and I want to pass out. This is the first morning, the first 5 am, the first why must I get up before the sun does in a loooong time. And it hurt like I expected. I wonder if the 18 bucks an hour statutory pay is worth it. Wait, it is. Nevermind.

Let's see. Leafs/Avs tomorrow. Metallica in two weeks. Halloween in just under three. And two papers, a presentation and an ongoing project all in the meantime. Fun fun fun! I need pie and ice cream.

Sep. 3rd, 2009

summer end wrap up of sorts

Last day of summer work tomorrow! What a crazy few months, I've worked and made more this summer then any other summer at Weston's. The bank account is the highest its been, since, well, ever. At the same time, working so much did have me near my breaking point.

Frosh in 2! Quite excited! Yesterday we went to Value Village, FabricLand, SuperStore, Cora's (for a yummy and long overdue breakfast! gosh i love it there!) and wherever else. Can't wit to be Captain Obvious. I need to find a way to sew my cape though, why oh why didn't I pay better attention in Grade 7?

It's kind of sad that Frosh Week is gonna be the funnest thing I do this summer and technically its not in summer. Work work work man...why did I let myself do that? The only highlights were the shows in August (Vfest wouldve been there surely too). Sigh, I need to have one really good summer one year.

Aug. 28th, 2009

Now I remember why I hate 7am!

It hurts! My body much appreciates 10am wake up calls better. I guess that's what a summer of sleeping does to you. Founders training was good though, good seeing everyone again. Going with black boss shirts again, as cool as they do look, wasn't what I would've gone with.

Looks like V-Fest is officially a no go. At least, tomorrow is anyways. I'm somewhat still open for Sunday. Last ditch effort through the Edge failed. Oh well, ob-li-di, ob-la-da..

Lacuna Coil is coming in November though! Cristina Scabbia <3 *drool*

Aug. 26th, 2009

i want to gooooo..

Somebody take me to V-Fest! I tried winning 'em on the Edge tonight. Boourns...too good headliners to pass up but I don't wanna go through the awkwardness of aloneness.

Aug. 23rd, 2009


it makes me so numb.

Aug. 20th, 2009

ok, dillemmas

Now that V-Fest is in Toronto I can check it out. Insert wedge in the gear: Frosh Training runs from 9-5 (probably even a bit longer) so I don't know when I'd get there. How many bands can I see? I really want to see Pixies and Franz Ferdinand on Saturday and NIN and OLP on Sunday who go on second last, third last and last, third laston their respective days. Plus issues of accompaniment.

Aug. 18th, 2009

I have no idea who Fearless Fred is...

or what makes him fearless, but I want Pearl Jam tickets!!

Aug. 17th, 2009

it's been such a long time...

OK, time for a long overdue entry in the form of Bob's Rockage & Suckage of recent life:

Concerts ROCK, Incubus, Tool, and Prog Nation were all amazing!

Bosses SUCK and need to have better memory.

Philosophy ROCKS and I have Metallica to thank for rekindling my interest.

I SUCK for working in the crap factory on the hottest day of summer when I could've been at a wedding.

Yahoo Answers ROCKS for being my new time waster.

Summer SUCKS for being almost over.

The ladies of House ROCK. Nuff said.

Potential interests who already have boyfriends SUCK.

Finally, FRISH WEEK ROCKS. So excited, jam on top of Ross, Superhero theme, Wasaga, Boat Cruise, Glendon Carnival (I finally get to see the campus!), So You Think You Can Superhero?. Looks like fun times

Aug. 6th, 2009

Spiral out. Keep going.

Tool was really good last night. Having to wait over an hour for Serafim and Caitlin to arrive kind of killed my fire a little bit but the show was great nonetheless. The lawns PACKED with people. I've never seen that before ever. And here we thought we could sit for part of the show. There goes that idea.

Serafim and Caitlin were saying it was alot like the last timethey rolled into the Amphitheater. If it was I'm glad this was my first time because I'd be more disappointed with it. The set was good, not great, I wished they might've changed it up from other dates on the tour. Maybe have done better songs from 10,000 (cough*RosettaStoned*cough). Lateralus was my favourite of the night definitely, even without the guest drummer (which didn't mean much to me to begin with). The long breaks bewteen songs of space noise kind of killed the momentum the show had. It was cool during the first half of the show, but as the night grew it was like, "I like suspense as much as the next guy or gal, but I like singing along to stuff I know even more".

The feeling of being there might've been the best part really. Being surrounded by a sea of Tool fans. The Toronah skyline in the distance. The ambiance and atmosphere created by the band itself. At one point a good chunk of the crowd had their lighters out. 'Twas sweet!

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